you don't have to be afraid to trade anymore


Tools at your fingertips

We did most of the heavy lifting for you to provide an advanced algorithmic trading platform, and best of all, you don't need to have a Ph.D. to use it. So even if you don't care to be a hard-core programmer, don't have access to the data, or are missing out on the voodoo science, you can still test your ideas and make more informed investments.


Share and discover

You're not alone. Connect with other investors, discuss and see what they are up to. Post your thoughts on hot topics and find news relevant to your investments. Share your strategies to gain both insights from followers and bragging rights for your successes.


It's all about the data

The data is here, now use it wisely! With great visualizations and smart summarizations, it's easy to quickly understand what the data is telling us. Plow though tones of data with ease, finding relevant correlations, indicators and influencing factors to your stock. Discover new stocks that you might have overlooked in the past.